The Traitor's Touch

Kira’s people blackmailed her into spying on enemy Commander Tal Kaegen—the one man who can prevent interplanetary war. As she falls for Tal, assassinations and a mole threaten his Command. She’s the only one he trusts . . . and she knows that the only way to save him is to betray him.


Release date:  6/12/19
Mindwiped series: book 1
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

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The Traitor's Truth

Commander Tal Kaegen must convince Kira that she’s his wife. His enemies have wiped her memory and foreign agents are threatening the planet.  With no memory of Tal, Kira doesn’t plan on sticking around to bend to his will. She has her knives and her wits…just what she needs to escape him and his world. If only her body didn’t crave his touch….


Release date:  7/17/19
Mindwiped series: book 2
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

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Is it Romance or Erotica?

Don't be surprised if I don't close the door on my characters' bedroom scenes. A sex scene is often a good device for revealing insight into a character's mindset, motivations and behavior.  Writing romance isn't about the sex scenes (those are just an added bonus!).  Romance is about the developing relationship between two people (sometimes more!). From the first moment two people meet, through their first kiss and every touch, caress, glance, whisper, and fight all the way up to and beyond the bedroom (or kitchen, or nav board of a space ship... let your imagination go at this point), romance is an ever-evolving part of life.


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